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Fabio Seixas

Fabio Seixas

CEO and Co-founder

Longtime e-commerce entrepreneur. Created his first online store in 1998, founded in 2005 and was CEO until late 2015 when decided to create LeadGrid. Today, as founder and CEO, Fabio leads LeadGrid to our vision of a network of online stores collaborating with each other to grow.

Rafael Ruiz

Rafael Ruiz

CTO and Co-founder

Rafael is a system engineer with more than 15 years of experience in leading development teams. At LeadGrid he is responsible for building our product vision and ensuring LeadGrid brings the best offers to customers.

Why we built it

Why we built it

LeadGrid was born out of the idea that online store managers and marketers always live between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, we need to constantly find new customers to sell to in order to maintain growth. On the other hand, we depend on industry standard advertising channels such as search engines and social media ads that are getting increasingly competitive and hard to optimize for a healthy return on investment (ROI).

As retailers ourselves we think that getting new customers should not be that hard, since other peers in the e-commerce ecosystem already know your next potential buyer.

Instead of depending solely on third-party advertising channels, why not leverage the relationship between the many online stores out there to help find a new customer?

We came up with the initial concept of the LeadGrid Coupon Exchange Network (patent pending). We built it around the idea of using an online store’s Order Confirmation page to offer customers discount coupons from other online stores.

We believe that marketers should help each other, whether in content and experience sharing, referring tools and service providers, or referring potential new clients.

We believe in collaboration. We believe in innovation. And we believe that collaboration can make us even more innovative.

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