LeadGrid Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

Getting started with LeadGrid is very simple. Just go to leadgrid.io, click REGISTER, fill in the data and follow the directions that will appear on your screen.

How much?

Joining the LeadGrid Discount Coupon Exchange Network is free for e-commerce.

How does the Discount Coupon Exchange Network work?

Your discount coupon will appear on the thank you page of other LeadGrid stores. When the customer clicks on your discount coupon, you will receive their opt-in email address. Coupons from other stores will also appear on your thank you page.

When the customer clicks on my coupon, is it directed to my store?

No, the consumer is not redirected to any other screen. He will automatically receive an email with the discount coupon.

How do I get these leads?

You will receive lead email addresses in your LeadGrid dashboard or directly registered in your email marketing tool.

Can I connect with my email marketing automation tool?

Yes, this is an excellent benefit of participating in LeadGrid. We are already integrated with numerous email marketing automation platforms. By connecting your LeadGrid account to these platforms, the email address will already enter your automation ruler you have set up and will start receiving your emails.

What kind of offer can I use?

You can set up percentage discount coupons, value discount coupons, or free shipping.

Is the coupon personalized?

Coupons have standard formats, but can be customized with your logo and color palette in some parts.

How many coupons can I create?

There is no limit to the amount of coupon creation.

Can I choose which stores my coupons will appear in?

Our machine learning powered algorithm finds the most appropriate consumers for your segment without having to worry about it. Our click-through rate is 14% and tends to keep rising.

What is the coupons expiration date?

There is no limit to set an expiration date for your coupons. However, we suggest you use a long or even perennial validity. This way, your consumer will not be frustrated when using your coupon at any time.

What are credit leads?

Based on a credit system, when you generate leads for other stores you will receive "Lead Credits". Then your offer will begin to appear on the Thank Group Page of many other stores that participate in the LeadGrid network.

What are the lead credits for?

For your coupon to appear on the Thank You Page of other stores that also are part of the LeadGrid network.

How do I get lead credits?

There are two ways to get credits: generating leads for other stores or buying credit leads.

Will my competitors appear in my store?

You can block any site you desire, including your competitors. This way, their coupons will not appear on your Thank You Page. Access here

Is it possible to define the audience?

Our machine learning powered algorithm finds the most appropriate consumers for your segment without having to worry about it. Our click-through rate is 14% and tends to keep rising.

Is it possible to define the geographical region?

Your coupons will be published in online stores across the country.

What is the profile of stores within the network?

We have e-commerces from various segments: clothing, shoes, accessories, pet products, cosmetics, air conditioning, courses, among many others.

I want to participate, but I don't want anything showing up in my store.

For those who want to be on LeadGrid, but prefer not to participate in the Coupon Exchange Network, there is the possibility to join as an Advertiser. In this model, you will buy credit leads for $1.25 each. You need to set a budget and make a down payment (minimum $60 / week). As leads are delivered to you, the amount is debited from your budget. We will never charge you before the lead is delivered, or above the amount you set as your weekly budget.

How do I get to appear in more stores and accelerate my lead acquisition?

To speed up your lead acquisition and develop your qualified email base faster, we suggest you enter Advertiser mode.

How many leads will I receive?

There is no way to predict this amount. The more you participate in the network, the more leads you will receive.

What if I want to leave the network?

You can cancel your account and leave the network at any time you desire. There are no charges for that.

Why leads are qualified ones?

There are three important reasons to consider the leads you will get from LeadGrid as highly qualified: 1. They already know about online shopping and have been approved at other stores; 2. By clicking on your coupon, they are already demonstrating purchase intent. 3. Our algorithm allows your coupon to be published to the consumer with the profile that best suits your offer.

GDPR Compliance

LeadGrid complies with international user privacy laws.

How to make sure LeadGrid is working?

Once set up, simply make a trial purchase on your site and see the discount coupon on your Thank You Page.