LeadGrid is FREE to use

The LeadGrid Coupon Exchange Network is 100% free.

As a colaborative network, the more you contribute, the more leads you get. A portion of the offers space is sold to the network members and other sponsors, through whose support the network stays free.
Benefits you get by participating:
  • Highly Qualified Leads
  • Complete Access to the Coupon Exchange Network
  • Access to Lead Acquisition Campaigns
  • Data Integration with Email Marketing Services
  • Block Competitors from Appearing in your Store
  • Customizable Widget
  • Detailed Reports
  • Email Support

Lead Acquisition Campaigns

Boost your lead aquisition strategy with our Lead Acquisition Campaigns.

Besides acquiring leads through our Coupon Exchange Network you can also acquire qualified leads by running a Lead Acquisition Campaign in our platform.
  • No Need to Install any Widget on The 'Thank You' page
  • Pay Only for Opt-in emails
  • Investment as Low as $15 Per Week
  • Pause and Restart your Campaing Any Time

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